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You're about to learn how to sell digital products & services online and make $5k/mo or more

I started my entrepreneurial journey 4 and a half years ago.

I went from Amazon FBA, to dropshipping, to agency, to courses, to software, to consulting.

I’ve done every single business opp, spent tens of thousands on courses and programs, and have been entirely encapsulated by making money on the internet for as long as I can remember.

Here’s what the ascension has looked like…

It took me 2 years to hit my first $10,000 profit month.

After that, it took 6 months to hit my first $20,000 profit month.

After that, it took 2 months to hit my first $50,000 profit month.

After that, it took 1 month to hit my first $100,000 profit month.

After that, it took another 9 months to hit my first $200,000 profit month.

But those first two years SUCKED.

Imagine this:

You graduate college. All of your friends go off and get jobs. They have a paycheck. They’re going out and doing fun things. They’re going on vacations, going out to bars, having a great time.

But you’re sitting in your room with a 500 page notebook buying courses & watching YouTube tutorial videos 6 hours a day every day because you’re absolutely obsessed with making money on the internet.

You start your first business: it fails, and you lose $8,000.

You start your second business: it works for a while, but it eventually all dies.

You start a third business: it also works, but you can’t figure out how to scale it.

The reason why I couldn’t scale something quickly is because I believe everybody has to go through an “Indoctrination Period”

This is a period of aggregating knowledge. You are quite literally a child - needing to learn an entirely different world. You’re learning a new language.

So my goal with Internet Money is this:

Decrease the amount of time you need to spend in the Indoctrination Period.

That’s exactly why I’ve designed this product like this:

What’s Inside:

Private Discord Group

When you join Internet Money you also gain access to the private Discord. Here are the channels inside:

  1. General: where we ask questions, bounce ideas off each other, and share what we’re learning
  2. Posts: where I post videos that I want to share and think are important, but I don’t think are “core” videos that should be added within the Indoctrination course
  3. Offers Roast: where we roast each others’ offers and landing pages
  4. Health: where we talk about being healthy and fit
  5. Wins: where we share out wins, sales numbers, clients signed, and overall good things that are happening
  6. Accountability: where you post what you’re doing every day, and if you aren’t being active you get called out

Indoctrination Videos

Here are all of the videos inside Indoctrination (that you get instant access to upon joining Internet Money)

  1. How to become a competent human being, what to learn, and how to learn it
  2. Exerting shit out into the world: drawing attention to yourself, and getting people to notice your work
  3. Offers: how to design products and services that people want to buy
  4. Monetizing: how to use the attention you’re gathering and make money from it
  5. Twitter Masterclass: how to grow abnormally fast and Twitter and make money from it
  6. Getting clients from absolute zero
  7. Making landing pages
  8. Creating video sales letters
  9. Funnels: what they are, how they work, and how to use them
  10. Sales systems: how every business acquisition system works
  11. Converting people, analyzing metrics, and understanding lifetime value
  12. Sales scripts: what to say on sales calls
  13. Objection handling: how to handle the objections people give you
  14. Using a CRM
  15. Deciding on an offer: for people who still feel like they don’t know what to sell
  16. Content marketing system: how to create an absurd amount of content that gets you sales
  17. Social proof flywheel: gathering, using, and implementing social proof as a marketing tool
  18. Systematizing: using Zapier to automate your business
  19. How to sell your specific offer: decoding what channels different offers need to use
  20. Sales systems: how to run sales operations and a sales team

Who should get Internet Money?

If you’re in a position in your life where you have available free time, and you’d like to have a digital product or service business, this is for you.

It’s a necessity that you have free time. Nothing will happen if you aren’t able to put in a considerable amount of work.

I will not make outlandish promises like “You will make $10,000/mo in 60 days with almost zero work” because that’s absolute garbage and anybody who says that is lying to you.

This will take effort - and I'll make sure you have the right information given to you

Money Back Guarantee

Watch 100% of the content and if you think it's garbage I'll send you a refund

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