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How I made $2.5 million by 25 years old

What's up homies

Couple days ago I released my first YouTube video.

This one is basically the story of exactly everything I did from graduating college to where I am now and all the companies i run.

The front end of the video is my story, and at the 16 minute mark is where I drop some value on offers, agencies, etc.

Next video ideas will be:

  1. Very in depth guide to growing and making money on Twitter
  2. The correct way to use social proof to make an astronomical amount of sales
  3. Creating good offers

Here's the link to the video:

I will start working on the next video once this one hits 1,000 likes

(I'm currently at 4100 views, 393 likes, and 900 subscribers)

If you want to see more please like the video and subscribe to the channel!

Luv u

Here's the video link again:

I can't stand these YouTubers

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